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The Chandogya Upanishad confirms that this new knowledge is introduced by the Kshatriyas to the Brahmins as a king says:

Guatama, let me tell you this knowledge has never reached the Brahmins. As a result in all the worlds governments has belonged exclusively to Kshatriya (Chan. Ups. 5.2.7)

It is clear from these early Upanishads that a new discourse of re-incarnation (samsara) had gained general acceptance among many of the Kshatriyas. At about the same time or maybe a century later many Sramanic groups were also preoccupied with similar thoughts. The communal Vedic rituals, praying for victories and health for the community, were not seen as relevant by Sramanas and many Kshatriyas. Actually Brahmin ritualism was often directly scorned and ridiculed (Bronkhorst 2006, Gombrich 2009, Chakravarti 1996). Instead it was the individual, not the community, who moved to the centre of concern. The discussion was now engaged with his or her release’ from re-birth. Or rather, it was the inner self or soul’, which was to be released or liberated’ from reincarnation. The individual body only provided a transient container for an eternal soul. The body changed but the soul did not, according to this new discourse. In many ways this notion of soul’ shared many of the characteristics of Axial Age discourses of transcendence and ontology: discourses about an eternal transcendent (beyond the observable) entity forming the ontological substance of, in this case, a human being.

Hold for as long as is comfortable. Some like to Yoga moves attach the ends of the belt in front and keep the halter on while doing other activities Yoga moves . STOP relative of Vasisthasana Purpose: To stretch the pectoral muscles, improving shoulder retraction. Contraindications: Voluntary shoulder subluxation, severe wrist arthritis, Dupuytren’s contractures. Prop: A wall. Avoiding pitfalls: Place your hand directly to your side on the wall, not behind you. Keep your muscles firm but not rigid, and your elbow slightly bent, not locked straight. Stand with your left side to the wall, about eighteen inches away.

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