Yoga Names Of Poses

Yoga Names Of Poses

The Earth Element Meridians

Earth is directly associated with the stomach and spleen organs and meridians, so let’s have a look at these meridians and where they travel.

Stomach Meridian

The stomach channel begins just below the centre of both eyes. It then moves down through the gums and heads out to the jaw. One branch heads up to the side of the forehead passing the front of the ear; the other branch heads down the front of the throat to the collarbone region. A branch then travels internally to meet the organs of the stomach and spleen while another superficial branch travels down the front of the body, over the abdomen and down the to pubic area. The internal branch and the superficial branch re-join at the public area and the channel continues down the front of the thigh and down the outside of the kneecap. The channel continues to descend down the top of the foot and finishes at the middle toe.

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Spleen Meridian

The Spleen channel begins on the inside tip of the big toe. It travels up the inside of the foot and continues up the inside of the ankle and inner leg. It continues up the inside of the leg to the groin where it briefly travels internally. It resurfaces for a short time on the lower abdomen where it then returns inside to meet up with the spleen, stomach, diaphragm and heart. A branch continues up the inside of the body to the tongue. The superficial branch travels up the side of the chest and then descends to a place in the rib cage under the armpit.

Muscles Associated with the Stomach

The recommended asanas are explored in the next chapter, but first let’s get a little more familiar with the muscles directly associated with the stomach.

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