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Ascetic discourses then answer the question: what is the meaning of voluntarily enduring pain and of experiencing ASC, what does it signify? In answering this, the ASCs are often envisaged as spiritual or ancestral contact; travels to other realms; strengthened subjectivity; and clarification of mind. Sometimes the act of prolonged agony is seen as purifying or empowering, or seen as necessary preparation for performing the ritual and other crucial collective ceremonies. At other times the ability to endure pain is admired by society – it is seen as a sign of character and difference. The strains of asceticism are often charged with respect and authority: the recognition of being perceived as a wilful, tough and fearless person, which are leadership qualities in most warrior cultures.

Another social difference ascribed by ascetic discourse is the build up ofpurity’. Purity can and does have many various associations and meanings, but it is always an admirable thing to possess.

Hence the difference brought by the austerities to the body and mind of the specialist becomes associated with power and recognition in most ascetic discourses. These austere efforts – this labour of asceticism’ – always accumulate high status and symbolic capital. In this way ascetic discourse creates and legitimises social power. But it is not just a question of lust for power. Often the symbolic-value of austerities just reflects human quest for social recognition, popularity and accordingly high ranking.

Avoiding pitfalls: Keep your legs parallel, puff your chest Yoga nashville out, and pull your shoulders back. Sit on the front edge of a chair. Yoga nashville Place your feet hip-width apart and parallel. Line them up under your knees, and then step forward one foot-length with both feet. Lengthen up through the sides of your ribs. Pull your shoulders back. Place your hands behind you on the chair seat, curling your fingers over the side edges. Hold your shoulders back as you vigorously lift your hips up and forward off the chair.

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