Yoga Nose Breathing

Using the hands as well

With the same movement you can also use the hands by first rotating the hand joint outwards in a kind of clipp-clapp movement, so that the lower arm and back of hand form a right angle, then stretch again, so that lower arm and palm form a right angle.

Stretch and bend the hands and feet mirror-inverted:

The following variation of the exercise poses higher requirements for your movement coordination: In the previously mentioned body positions (seated, lying on back, plow, candle) try to alternately and inversely stretch and bend your right and left foot, as well as right and left hand.

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Variations in cycling movements

Cycling movements from the back position to sitting position:

Roll from the back position, straighten the spinal column, up to sitting position and back, roll off the spinal column, whereby you do cycling movements with the legs.

Pushing the heels up:

In the back position pull your legs towards the abdomen, stretch them alternately towards the ceiling pointing the heels upwards. Then let the lower legs sink back to the buttocks and start again.

Cycling movement with bending and stretching the feet:

Cycling movement from reclined position to sitting position with intensive bending and stretching in the foot joints of the feet, like swimming flippers with up and down movements.

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