Yoga Nostril Breathing

Movement of joints (practice)

Preparatory loosening exercises for hands and feet:

Lift fingers and toes and then let them sink, tap them and let them go back:

Partner 1 lies relaxed on the back, Partner 2 taps the fingertips of the hand lifted by them with the index finger. Then they tap on the fingers from above like on a keyboard and then allow them to go back. Then the same with the toes. Partner 2 should do this exercise several times in a row. They have a very loosening and relaxing effect, not only locally on finger and toes joints, but also on the vegetative nervous system and breathing.

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Splaying the fingers and toes and pulling them together:

Lying on the back alternately splay the fingers and toes and pull them together to a fist.

Loosening of the shoulder and hip joints through rolling movements of the arms and legs:

Lying on the back, your arms are at the sides of your body and your legs are lightly straddled, turn your hands and feet outwards/sidewards and allow them to move back towards the inside by themselves.

Clipp-clapp movements of the feet and hands in different body positions

Clipp-clapp movement of the feet:

Stretch and bend both your feet alternately at the joint of the foot, initially in sitting position (clipp-clapp), by alternately placing heel and points of the feet on the floor, then lying on the back; if you can also in the plow and finally in the candle position.

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