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Healthy Hip Moderately Osteoarthrltk Hip Figure 6. Healthy and arthritic Yoga oasis hip joints. The architecture of the legs and pelvis is like that of a Roman arch Yoga oasis , see 196, with the sacrum serving as the keystone between the wings of the pelvis and the femurs the thigh bones.

In a sense, the off-set neck of each femur also resembles the flying buttress of a Gothic cathedral, a structure that parallels the joint’s function: the femur inserts into the acetabulum, a socket in a thickened boney mass, maximizing the supporting role that the hips serve in us bipeds.

The femur moves in three ways: forward and back, away from and toward the body, and outwardly and inwardly. The symptoms of osteoarthritis usually show up first during adduction, motions of the leg inward, toward, and across the other leg. The first one is usually pain along the crease of the groin. Taking X-rays is still the best way to accurately diagnose and estimate the severity of osteoarthritis of the hip.

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