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During the initial stages of treatment, nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory Yoga on the rocks medicines, which come in a large spectrum of potency and safety, are often helpful in Yoga on the rocks easing the pain and improving range of motion of the hip. After moderate progress and increased control of the center of gravity and hip muscles, the dosage can frequently be sharply reduced or the medicine discontinued altogether. One particular thing to watch for in all patients with osteoarthritis of the hip is the combination of flexion, adduction, and internal rotation the kind of movement required when you are tying your shoe. This is known to leverage the femur of a severely arthritic hip joint right out of the acetabulum, causing dislocation.

This movement is generally severely restricted after total hip replacement as well. Luckily, with yoga treatment for osteoarthritis of the hip, there are none of the problems that we had with the shoulder: there is no way for the hip joint’s housing in the pelvis to move and adjust to the loss of range of motion. Here the difficulty is the opposite: in treatment the joint has to be made to increase its range, for there is no margin, no give-and-take, no flexibility in its set spot in the body or in its function. Anusara Yoga describes two beneficial movement patterns for the hip.

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