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This is a variation of the All-Star pose of Yoga on yamhill the same name. Purpose: To sequentially flex the hip and stretch the hamstrings, improving Yoga on yamhill hip range of motion. Contraindications: Hamstring sprain, gastroesophageal reflux. Props: A yoga mat, a belt, and a blanket. Avoiding pitfalls: If the possibility of knee injury exists, hold hands behind thigh. Lie on your back with both knees bent, feet flat. Bring your right knee toward your chest with your hands. If grasping the knee is painful, interlace your fingers behind the knee to disengage the knee joint.

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The success of the proto-yogis – and among them especially the Buddhists – should probably be seen in relation to this. They offered new institutions, skills, discourses and rituals to handle the metaphysical world. They offered the soul safe passage into the after life of spirit-deities. If for some reason the soul became reincarnated as a bad spirit, haunting its living relatives, the proto-yogis could even intervene and help the soul out of its terrible predicament. The Jains could even remove the soul not only from the spiritual world but also stop it from returning to another round of suffering.

Thus for the locals the proto-yogis offered real and definite knowledge skill – that is cultural capital. However for us moderns who do not share the same underlying code and habitus the proto-yogis accumulated symbolic capital.

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