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Fibers of collagen, which are what give cartilage its elastic Yoga pose sequence weight loss properties, are not replaced quickly enough, and soon the cartilage loses its supple resilience. Yoga pose sequence weight loss The surfaces become rough and cracked, which leads to more wearing away. Chapter 3 has more on this important subject. Naturally, other factors, including hormonal and hereditary factors, and the frequency, intensity, and pattern of use, overuse, and trauma, are at work here too. All of these elements can add up to enough of a departure from a joint’s normal, or homeostatic, condition to produce inflammation. It usually occurs without any infection, without anything actually breaking.

This further compromises the cartilage, and actually stimulates the bone underlying it. In response to inflammation, and possibly in an effort to repair the damage, the ends of the bones might thicken and the bone might form outgrowths, called spurs or osteophytes, which can interfere with function and give the joint an enlarged, knobby appearance.

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