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It seems to me that this yoga discourse is not very Tantric in character. Even if it surfaces in the Tantra genre, the content, discussions, and notions are all derived from Buddhist and Brahmin yoga discourses. So it would be misleading to call it a Tantric yoga, of which for instance hatha-yoga is a clear example. Malini is basically a Saivite yoga. It merges Saivite monotheism neatly with yoga forms reminding much about Yoga Sutra and Buddhist Gnostic liberation. These Saivite yoga forms are packaged and spun – to use a modern terminology -as a Tantra, which was the tendency of the period.

Vasudeva argues that the existence of Malini and a range of other texts is in fact an indication of a Saivite yoga tradition. This might be correct as the texts only add parts of Tantric discourse to a melting pot of ascetic-wisdom discourses and Saivite monotheism.

Lower your legs halfway to the ground, with your core Yoga poses 3 person engaged to brace your center. Feel your abs begin to stretch as you continue to pull Yoga poses 3 person your navel down to the ground. Don’t let your lower back leave the floor! At the point where you feel your muscular control is about to run out, roll your legs overhead, exhaling into the muscles surrounding your rib cage. Your feet end up resting on top of the ball with a flat line from your sit bones to your heels. If your neck or lower back feel any strain, leave this exercise out until you develop strength, or modify it by not dropping your legs too far down towards the floor or all the way over your head. Go only as far as you feel comfortable, increasing the range of motion when your strength and flexibility improve. 57 ADVANCED Teaser with Twist BENEFITS: Increases your spinal flexibility and strengthens core muscles. Lie on your back on the floor.

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