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But to confirm that we need to look much more into the sociology of these texts: who wrote the texts and for what purpose and under which circumstances and conflicts?

Antinomian practices adopted to high caste discourses

Malini’s basically Gnostic Saivite yoga discourse is alien and even hostile to central notions of the hatha-yoga discourse like body fluids and sexuality. In India at that time there also surfaced in rural areas an entirely new style of Tantra among Kula and Krama cults, where the sexuality of the body became a part of religious rituals. Some of the first scriptures, which focussed on sex as a part of the clan ritual, were the Kula Tantra scriptures (700-1000 AD). They described rituals taking place on cremation grounds where blood, semen and alcohol were offered to satisfy kula (clan) deities. In many of these Tantric cults the sexual ritual core was about bringing together male and female polarised god-energies or life-forces represented by human fluids (White 1996). It is clear that these Tantric rituals of the Little Tradition are not to be compared to the liberation efforts of the ascetic-wisdom Yogi from the Great Tradition. The Kula and Krama practitioner did not seek liberation, samadhi or god-consciousness but searched for immortality and magic power.

Lie on your back on the floor. Place the ball Yoga poses 3rd chakra on the floor overhead, holding it on either side, with your arms about twelve inches Yoga poses 3rd chakra off floor, so your shoulder girdle is stable and your lats are stretched to prepare core leverage. Your legs point up to the ceiling, as straight as possible. Begin by pulling your thigh bones together and into your hip sockets. Think only of your bones working to lock your joints, instead of your muscles which can over-tighten or hyper-extend, hindering your balance. Hold your legs firmly together in a parallel position by lining up your ankle joints, the insides of your knees, and your upper thigh bones. INTERMEDIATE Reverse Crunch on Floor Exhale and roll down vertebra by vertebra, using the ball to brace your upper body. Repeat 4-6 times.

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