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A withdrawal – which resembles non-existence (due to complete identification with the object of contemplation).

Our first observation is that unlike the Ashtanga-yoga module of the Yoga Sutra this yoga starts with pranayama, not the ethical lifestyle of Patanjali’s yama and niyama. Gone is the notion that an ethical life provides the foundation for liberation. Pranayama, here the first step to liberation, was a shared and central concept among Saivists. It was claimed that there was a close connection between breath and mind, so that sadanga-yoga – and many other systems -naturally began with pranayama, the manipulation of breath in order to calm the mind. Overall, meditation seems central in this Saivite yoga. Many of its limbs have strong affinities to mindful-meditation – i.e. the mixture of contemplation and meditation. With the Yoga Sutra in mind we also realise that this yoga does not culminate in samadhi but in pratyahara.

Our next observation is that we encounter here a style of yoga, which is grounded in the body-mind system. It provides an elaborated, complex, and visualised map of the body – for instance envisioned as colours or mandalas (complex diagrams) – on which the Yogi visually contemplate (dharana). Visualisation and mandala usage are typical Tantric techniques.

Do this 10 times. Add another set if you wish Yoga poses 4 person . Try not to straighten your knees or over-extend your ankles while rolling the ball Yoga poses 4 person . Maintaining a neutral ankle placement will help you to keep your hamstrings active when your feet are on the ball. 60 BEGINNER Walking Spinal Roll BENEFITS: Stretches your back and strengthens your abs and quadriceps. Eases tension in your upper body. Sit on the ball with your hips just below the top of the ball. With your hands on the ball, walk your feet forward one step at a time until your body is lying back on the ball.

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