Yoga poses for 40 weeks pregnant

Repeat the exercise 10 times, and then hold your hips Yoga poses for 40 weeks pregnant up, pulsing for 10. If you’re tight in your inner thighs, it’s best to Yoga poses for 40 weeks pregnant use this exercise initially as a stretch, remaining in the position on the floor. When you are ready to lift, think of your body moving up and down in one piece, pressing weight into your feet.

INTERMEDIATE Supine Alternate Straight Leg Lifts BENEFITS: This is one of my favorite moves to tone and lengthen the entire leg, like a dancer’s! Concentrate on your bottom leg and you’ll really feel the toning of your butt. Lie on your back on the floor, your knees bent at a right angle over the ball so your feet are actually over the other side of ball.

Press your thighs firmly together and the crease line of your knees into the top of the ball. Your feet should remain together and sofly pointed, getting ready for action! Lift up both hips until your weight is on your shoulder blades. Press the back of your lower legs into the ball to support your back, and engage your thighs from behind with your buttocks.

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