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Aryan speaking people already living there and installed themselves as an aristocratic upper tier (Bandyopadhyaya 2007, Chatterji 2007).

Probably due to demographic pressure new agricultural methods and technology emerged which allowed the area to produce an increasing surplus. Hence large-scale trade appeared along the rivers. Out of this grew geographically larger and more rigidly stratified communities dominated by castes of warriors (Kshatriyas) and priests (Brahmins)113. Soon these previously ethnic- and clan-based local communities outgrew their locality and kinship organisation and merged into small kingdoms or chieftaincies. By this we mean small autonomous political units, where a village or a lineage dominated the surrounding villages and communities. Central power increasingly became hereditary. This implied that a nascent state structure was emerging: the kingdom as a hereditary institution materialised. We could call this late Vedic society Archaic’ state forms (Bellah 2011).

Tricep Dips BENEFITS: A test of balance, core strength Yoga poses 6 months pregnant , stability, and upper body strength. Begin seated, facing the ball, with your Yoga poses 6 months pregnant hands behind your back. Place your hands under your shoulders, fingertips pointing toward your rear. Your elbows will move straight back; keep them lined up with your shoulders. This will help stabilize your shoulder joint, so your weight isn’t just in your arms. Move your legs so they are flat across the top of the ball in a parallel position. Lift your hips off of the floor so that your legs, torso, and head are all in one line. This is very hard, and tests your control of your trunk muscles.

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