Yoga poses 7th chakra

Come up to straight back position, keeping your abs contracted Yoga poses 7th chakra . Release to the start position. Do this 5 times, working your way up to Yoga poses 7th chakra 10. BEGINNER Ball Hip Rotator Stretch Lie on your back with one foot on the ball and the opposite leg’s ankle crossed onto your knee. Roll the ball toward your body, pressing the knee of your crossed-over leg open. Return to the starting position, and repeat up to 10 times. 74 ADVANCED Pelvic Lifts BENEFITS: Strengthens your inner groin and pelvic floor muscles these are great if you’ve recently had kids!. Lie on the floor with your knees bent at a right angle.

The discourse background – the DNA – of the Saivite groups

Most of the Saivite ascetic communities shared a common institutional platform of rituals, mandala, linga worships and offerings. They were all strongly monotheistic relying heavily on initiation, ritual and knowledge (jnana). They, like the Sramanas, subscribed to liberation discourses. Liberation meant to them a kind of union with Siva (Brunner 1992). Liberation-and religious fields are merging and groups and individuals are difficult to categorise sociologically.

During the medieval period most of these antinomian Saivite groups came under the strong influence of Tantric discourse. In this period the Tantric discourses of the Kula, Krama, Trika and (some northern) Saiva-Siddhanta communities surfaced.284 Many of them were not Saivite- but Sakti-worshipping groups often comparable to ecstatic cults of possession or Non-

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