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When we appease Vastu Purusha, we are really honoring the Yoga poses basic Vastu guidelines and the principles that govern the universe. We create harmony and balance in our Yoga poses basic home and show respect for all creation. The vastu purusha mandala shows the cosmic spirit inside a square mandala with his head in the east but bowed toward the northeast out of respect for this quadrant, which is also called the gateway to the gods.

Vastu Purusha has one hand reaching into the northeast corner and the other reaching into the southeast corner. One foot is firmly placed in the northwest corner and the other is firmly placed in the southwest corner. Four of the guardian deities, each one connected to a basic element, occupy these midpoint directions.

Isa and the element of water are assigned to the northeast; Agni and the element of fire are assigned to the southeast; Pitri and the element of earth are assigned to the southwest; and Vayu and the element of air are assigned to the northwest. Brahma and the fifth element of space ether reign in the center.

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