Yoga poses and benefits

This asana involves a firm chin-lock that directs a Yoga poses and benefits supply of blood to the thyroid and parathyroid glands, increasing their efficiency in function. This Yoga poses and benefits chin-lock also keeps the head in a firm position, which results in soothed nerves and the calming of the mind, and can even alleviate headaches and colds. As sarvangasana is soothing to the nervous system, this is a good pose to practice when one is feeling stressed, irritated, or fatigued. It is also a superior aid to digestion and elimination, urinary, and menstrual problems. Mentally, sarvangasana brings to the practitioner peace, strength, vigor, and vital longevity. Sacred space is an integral part of living yogically. We can achieve temporary states of bliss in a yoga class or in meditation practice but, to have lasting results, it helps to also make changes within our homes and in our work environments. Modern life presents us with so many challenges, even if we do have a spiritual practice.

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