Yoga poses you can do at your desk

Hold a weight in each hand. Bring your hands up Yoga poses you can do at your desk to shoulder height, raising one leg. Keep one leg raised for 3 reps, then Yoga poses you can do at your desk switch legs, either repeating the same arm exercises or reversing the arm movement direction for 3 reps. Come down slowly. Repeat 4 times. While performing the lift with your knee raised, make sure you engage your obliques and keep your pelvis neutral. 39 INTERMEDIATE Supine Chest Flies BENEFITS: Strengthens your pectoral chest muscles. Lie on the ball with your hips lifted into a flat plank position, weights down on the floor alongside your hips.

In many ways this was a return to the power discourses of Archaic Vedic societies and the Brahmins. However when we think about it this should be of little surprise: Tantra was the return of the Little Tradition – Archaic aboriginal communities – into the Great Tradition. It signified the re-emergence of Archaic codes and power discourses – here embodied in the reconstructed guru identity.

This genealogical deconstruction of the guru would be interesting reading for modern Yogis, Tantrics, Buddhist, and New Age spiritualists who venerate and gather in enthusiasm around their gurus. Yes, they seek liberation through their guru, but his rhetoric generates dependency and incapacity.

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