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The east speaks of light and clarity, the west of Yoga poses clipart darkness and the unknown. We can’t appreciate the light without experiencing the dark. The north Yoga poses clipart represents health, wealth, and indulgence; while the south represents duty, obligation, and death. If we overindulge or neglect our health, we suffer the consequences. So these four deities and the cardinal directions remind us to live in a state of balance emotionally, physically, and mentally. Having read about the role of the elements and the important deities, we can understand the chart that shows the recommended placement of the rooms that are apt to exist in a home. The center square belongs to Lord Brahma, who is surrounded by the eight squares occupied by the eight guardian deities who either represent an important element or an aspect of a duality properties that reflect the principles that govern the universal world or the world of ethical behavior. Few people can create a perfect sacred space.

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