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As in earlier times, yoga in whatever disguises it might take seduced and intrigued the upper classes of society. Apparently in such glamorous milieus of leisure and wealth yoga was a novel and enticing fashion generating amusement and diversion. It could not only distract and occupy their fleeing interest but was often also able to address eventual existential concerns in a life where economic survival was no longer of any concern.

Inside the home, we try to place our tall and Yoga poses couple heavyweight furnishings in the southwest, where they can keep out the harmful sun and keep in Yoga poses couple the beneficial energies or pranic flow. Vayu, the Vedic god of winds, rules in the northwest quadrant.

His location connects to weather patterns in the Northern Hemisphere. The northwester represents the most volatile wind, so this quadrant is well-suited to Vayu and his element of air. Air, which is vital to all creation, symbolizes movement, which is a property of the wind. The wind is always on the go and definitely fickle. It can quickly change direction. In Vastu, this quadrant mirrors the properties of the wind.

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