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Yoga framed with romantic nature

Romanticism today penetrates our discourses in a tacit but comprehensive way. It has become a part of our Western habitus. It is maintained and thriving in movies, novels, psychology and therapy to mention but a few. Most of its themes and notions play a significant part in our lives and popular culture: our commitment to a deep interior true self; our scepticism about materialism and social convention; our feeling of alienation to society and ourselves; our sense that intuition and interior experience should supersede the rational; nature as a living force which invigorates us and bring us to ourselves; our wish for a re-enchantment of a industrialised and materialistic life; and the natural world as an embodiment of a universal spirit.

With this background or habitus we could suggest that there is a connection between women’s traditional interests, sensibilities and roles (the mother) and romanticist discourse: the importance of gentle connections and not obvious relations, the elevation of the interior and its feelings. We have already seen how female body discourses as they surfaced around 1900 were penetrated by holistic and romanticist discourses. Hence it is of little surprise when we find that the yoga sign, as it became a part of female identity building (female values, interests, ethics), became overlapped and orientated by signs from romanticism. A few hours of browsing today’s yoga websites and blogs on the net will confirm this in abundance.

Many of us cannot change the location of our rooms to Yoga poses crossword match the grid. But we can always shift around some furniture inside a room or modify Yoga poses crossword our decor so that it respects nature and our own true self. The Vedas accept imperfection, so in Vastu, we strive to do our best. We pay attention to the power of our environment and the needs of our dosha. If we just do this, we can create our own personal sacred space. Home During the course of writing this book, I had been looking for a new home. After having lived in the same building for five years by myself, I was planning to marry and was looking for a home to share with my husband. I was filled with mixed emotions as I approached this transitory period in my life.

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