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Modernist yoga in the West – before World War II

The period from 1750 to 1800 marks the birth of serious and systematic European intellectual discourse on Indian religio-philosophy and the study of Sanskrit language, often termed Orientalism (Wikipedia link). Alternatively we could speak about the emergence of a modernist yoga discourse. (The reader will find this discourse described in more detail in my chapter on modernist yoga discourse of intellectuals). First a few words about the category modernist yoga’.

It is the ideal location for a guest bedroom, where Yoga poses crow people come and go. It’s a perfect spot for a TV if you watch hour after Yoga poses crow hour. The properties associated with the northwest will make you restless and therefore you will move on.

Lastly, Brahma, the Creator, governs the element of space, which is at the center of the vastu purusha mandala. This sacred area is called the Brahmasthana or the place of Brahma, which is the source of creative energy. This energy, which circulates through every space, creates positive vibrations that reinvigorate us and inspire us. Since we want to receive this important energy, we try not to cover the sacred center of any Vastu space. In Vastu, the remaining four guardian deities, who remind us of the importance of duality, govern the cardinal directions of north, south, east, and west.

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