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When they heard me speak of my plans of coming to Yoga poses early pregnancy India that fall, they kindly volunteered to show me around, and we began to plan Yoga poses early pregnancy an itinerary almost immediately. There is an expression in India that says the guest is God, so Hindus are often incredibly gracious hosts. We decided to meet in Delhi, and then travel into the Himalayas to Badrinath, and then on through the northern state of U.R Uttar Pradesh. During my final semester of school, I had taken a course called Spiritual Journeys and Temporal Geographies, which ignited a fascination in pilgrimage. In this class, we explored the meanings of pilgrimage in the Abrahamic religions Judaism, Christianity, and Islam in particular, but also within various other cultures. We explored the common elements, such as the secular and spiritual dimensions, that transcend culture and reli-gion. I had come to see all travel as an opportunity for transformation, and began to seek out occasions to experience true pilgrimage.

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