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India is, and has been, considered a holy land Yoga poses eight angle to millions for centuries because it is filled with sacred sites. Out of these sites, Yoga poses eight angle we chose to visit Badrinath, one of the most important pilgrimage sites in all of India, located up high in the Himalayas, near the border of Tibet. Shyam and Tulsi are practicing Hindus, and are deeply devoted Vaishnavites worshipers of Vishnu and practitioners of Bhakti devotional Yoga. They live in the state of U.R because it is where Lord Krishna is said to have lived and played.

I knew a bit about Bhakti Yoga from my studies of Hinduism, but I was delighted to journey to India for the first time with such devout practitioners, which promised to deepen mv understanding, thus enriching my experience. We decided to study the Bhagavad Gita along the way, and we compared translations of several texts during daily satsangs a gathering centered around a spiritual leader or teaching, as Shyam would explain the translations in depth. When we reached Badrinath, I learned how to respectfully behave when inside a temple by following Tulsi’s every move.

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