Yoga poses gone wrong

Balasana, practiced with a near-perfect breath pranayama, Yoga poses gone wrong pulls the energy of your breath behind the heart, the back of the lungs, across Yoga poses gone wrong the chest, and around the organs. Resembling a child comfortable in the womb, this pose is an excellent stress-reliever and back pain alleviator. It is also recommended for relieving menstrual pain. A wagging version of the pose, which uses the motion of the chest against the thighs to massage the breast tissue and stimulate lymph flow, promotes breast health. Padmasana lotus posture Padma means lotus/’ Asana refers to pose. You may have heard its common name many times: Padmasana is commonly called the lotus posture.

It is also often referred to as the royal posture or the lotus throne, for with it the practitioner assumes a posture of beauty, grace, and divinity, much like the flower itself The lotus is symbolic in many ways. It is a flower whose roots are in the mud, yet it grows up beyond the muddy water and floats on the surface of the water.

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