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As with all asanas, the lotus posture has an effect Yoga poses group on the glandular system. Medically speaking, the hands and feet contain more afferent and efferent Yoga poses group nerves sensory and motor, respectively, as well as endocrine glands, than any other single part of our body. When one sits in the lotus posture with legs crossed and hands folded, the bio-energy which usually gets dissipated through our hands and feet forms a closed circuit. The harnessing of this energy allows for greater attentiveness and deeper meditation.

And though it is said to be the most ideal asana for higher meditation, do not be deceived by the easiness of its appearance it may take some time and practice to learn to properly maintain the lotus posture in all ot its forms. I believe that the experience of each moment presents an opportunity for a new life. Many of us go through the motions in life without fully realizing our potential for greatness, let alone true goodness or even basic kindness. Passing routinely through the events in one’s lifetime, from one to the next without honest reflection or examination of the meaning in them and how each experience shapes us personally, denies us that potential.

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