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They were enrolling in school when they saw us and approached Yoga poses heart openers us to ask for computers and better English teachers for their school. The eldest, Shahirzad Yoga poses heart openers , was fifteen. Shahirzad told me that she hoped to become a journalist because she wished to share with the world the plight of women’s rights in Afghanistan. She was so eloquent about the situation in her country and passionate about her desire to change things to ensure a better future for her people. We spoke about September II, which she was fully aware of, and she said that no life is worth causing an end to so abruptly or so maliciously.

She said that she was deeply saddened to learn what had happened in my country, and that she was grateful for the concern from the outside world. She asked only that we do not forget the Afghan people again in the aftermath of this particular conflict. We were all so moved by this young woman, and when we left her at the school where we had accompanied her and her sister, sans burkas, we all knew we had caught a glimpse of the potential future of this country.

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