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Almost everyone answered doctor or teacher. When asked why, Yoga poses hip flexors they said, Because my country has many diseases and I would like to help my people Yoga poses hip flexors , and, Because I love my teacher and want to encourage others to learn. At present, UNICEF is promoting a back-to-school campaign with an initiative geared toward equality called Education for All. The goal is to send at least 1.5 million children back to school. Part of this initiative is to encourage female students to participate, rather than to attend passively. It is clear that discrimination against girls is the largest impediment to achieving this goal. Gender-sensitive classes should contain roughly equal numbers of girls and boys, and performance should ideally be at parity.

In relation to liberation discourses and practices – central to the emerging yoga sign – the Buddhist muted the ascetic elements of such discourses. Instead they emphasised the Axial Age aspect of wisdom discourses. The Buddhists – closely associating the sign karma with gnosis (knowledge) (Wikipedia link) – in this way represented true Axial Age wisdom discourses surfacing in the midst of ascetic-meditative milieus.

Thus the Sramanas – unlike the Brahmins – had no issues with the evolution of new Axial Age episteme. In fact they were a central part of that process. They embodied the new thinking the new episteme. The Brahmins however struggled with the new. On their side they embodied Archaic ideas and practices that they needed to maintain and defend. Let us initially give an overview of how and why the Brahmins adapted the new – in our case proto-yoga. We will follow how and why proto-yoga, through its import to the old centre of society, became yoga.

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