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And on the way, we may also discover that the Yoga poses janu sirsasana path we are on is not necessarily the exact way for us. As we feed ourselves Yoga poses janu sirsasana physically, we can remember to be mindful of the food that we eat and all that we choose to put into our bodies for nourishment. And when feeding ourselves mentally, pausing before a meal to give thanks is enough for a start. To be thankful for all that went into a meal, the sacrifice of an animal’s life perhaps, the work in preparation and presentation, the care and the love if it is home cooked, is enough. But if not red meat, what then do we give up for Lent that is meaningful?

What is bad about particular vices such as coffee, alcohol, and tobacco is not so much that they are very bad for your health which they certainly are, as Father Lafferty confirmed from the pulpit but that they obscure your reality and the truth. During the Lenten time, which is meant to bring us closer to God, clarity is what we need most of all. We need to create a quiet place within ourselves to have that dialogue with God. Many religions abstain from many or all of these substances at all times, particularly the religions that require the outwardly visible signs of faith that I mentioned earlier.

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