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It is a time to go inward, to work on Yoga poses joy my home, and to focus on my relationships and on myself. Valentine’s Day Yoga poses joy . What is it really about? The origin is not entirely clear, but it is considered to be in commemoration of St. Valentine, a Christian martyr who died in the year 269. Prior to his martyrdom, he was a priest in Rome who assisted martyrs during the persecution under Emperor tlaudius II. He was arrested for his actions and when he refused to renounce his faith, he was beaten and beheaded. He proved that he was a true servant of God by offering his compassion to others and by his’willing-ness to die for his beliefs. So, each year, when so many of us buy cards and gifts decorated with hearts and cupids for our loved ones, it is compassion that is to be celebrated.

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The remarkable qualities listed here do not quite qualify to be called supernatural. Neither the Svetasvatara nor either of the other two Upanishads discussing yoga connects yoga directly with siddhi – supernatural powers. I will return to this later.183

Overall we can only conclude that this Upanishad weaves together meditative asceticism and Gnostic mysticism with a monotheistic discourse. Liberation seems to be similar to that of the Katha: it signifies an ontological transformation. However a new element in certain passages seems to have been introduced. It is the notion of salvation’, meaning release through the grace of god’. In Katha liberation was clearly a release based on self-effort, but now god suddenly also plays a role. Thus one of the final verses claims:

By the power of his austerities and by the grace of God, the wise Svetasvatara first came to know Brahman … VI.21

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