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Nevertheless it is clear that overall the goal in the Katha is to realise atman’. This is what understanding’ seems to be about, but it is not clear what this atman-realisation’ exactly signifies. But the reader then wonders what has understanding’ to do with yogic still-mind – do they not exclude each other? Does the Katha adhere to a model of liberation as Gnostic Comprehension or as Meditative Absorption ? Several interpretations seem possible. Here follow some.

As the yoga chariot metaphor is so congruent to Sramana thinking, it seems probable that the Katha agrees with the Sramanas that liberation happens not in this life but in death after the process of self-mortification. The suspicion that the Katha is talking about real physical and mental self-mortification is confirmed as the mention of death occurs several times. For instance it is said: I shall tell. what happens to the Self, after reaching Death (V.6).

We found a room in the southeast corner of the apartment Yoga poses kid with a dusty table and less noise for our session. While waiting for me, Kathleen Yoga poses kid took some time familiarizing herself with the space. She then explained many of the practical aspects and applications of Vastu. At the end of our brief session, Kathleen reiterated my lesson for the day: Just be mindful of every choice, for that is what Vastu achieves.’

With this lingering in my head, I gave Kathleen a big hug and expressed my gratitude for her help before heading back to my current home to work with my architect and designer, dear friends of mine who had been living with me since September II, to integrate my Vastu lessons into the plan. Sitting in my living room that evening, I realized that, as the saying goes, home is truly where the heart is. But I still like the idea of creating a new home that expresses my heart, too. The lesson of the day is, Start with the heart.

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