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We are told that today there are many Third Degree initiates on the planet and many more in training for this degree.3 The result is the rapid building of the antahkarana, bringing the three divine centres into cooperative relationship. For the individual this links the monad, soul and personality. For the planet the synthetic interplay of Shamballa, Hierarchy and Humanity is preparing the way for revelation and planetary initiation. Soul-infused personalities are taking their place rapidly within the New Group of World Servers and this group is beginning to collectively operate as a centre for transmission within the wider field of humanity.

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Esotericists are not that common in this group4 perhaps partly due to an inclination to acquire esoteric information without putting it into practice. The world view that they carry however has a valuable contribution to make. I am aware of the real need for this esoteric world view to be put forward intelligently and responsibly. Hierarchy is emerging and its forerunners are the disciples and initiates who prepare the way by the examples of their lives and their clear and reasonable articulation of the externalisation. Occultism is a science. In fact it is arguably The Science of the future. Nebulous mystical presentations of truth will be replaced with accurate descriptions of the energetic systems within which a human being lives and works.

In order for us to truly progress upon the occult path we must know exactly where we stand and what our next step forward is. By addressing my audience precisely as those who are working towards the Third Initiation (and have a background in the Theosophical/Bailey esoteric tradition) I am attempting to apply that science.

Different stages of the path require different teachings, different meditative practices and different life demonstrations.

I aim for these teachings to be of great practical use to those individuals and groups who are seeking to speed their evolution for the benefit of humanity through wielding the energy of Synthesis. I want others to use this book as a manual for application to life. This teaching is meant to be applied by disciples. I understand the pressures of time and attention demanded of one who is walking the path of initiation. No-one whose focus is on service to the race has time for a theoretical approach which cannot be proven in the crucible of daily living.

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