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She had taken me to purchase a few saris when we Yoga poses for kids arrived in Delhi and showed me how to wrap myself appropriately, honoring the culture and the Yoga poses for kids deities within the temples themselves. They taught me the proper etiquette for everything from eating from my right hand to drinking from a bottle without touching it to my mouth. I also learned how to bathe publicly. Our first stop on the road to our destination was in Haridwar, located on the Ganges. Within an hour of reaching the guesthouse where we’d spend our first night, we changed out of our clothes, wrapped ourselves, and went down to the water’s edge for a bath in the swiftly moving sacred source. There were support bars alongside that I held on to while dipping thrice below the sun-splashed surface, as instructed. The feeling was invigorating. For a pilgrim, one bath alone in the sacred rivers of the Ganges is believed to be sufficient to cleanse the soul.

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