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These verses once more express a vision of liberation very similar to those of the Sramanas’: rebirth is arrested through the mortification of the body mind system. At first glance it seems that yogic liberation is informed by a karma discourse. However the Katha here seems to add a new dimension of understanding’ to release.

This is confirmed from other passages. In the chapter preceding the verses discussing yoga, the Katha describes a mental process, where one passes to still subtler mind stages until purusha or atman is realised’. A similar description is also found later on, claiming that beyond the senses there is mind and beyond that there is the self (VI.7). This seems to be a description of a meditative process that the adept is going through. But is this meditative process similar to yogic still mind? It could also be a separate older meditation system or ritual not related to yogic meditation. So we are not explicitly told that yoga is about realising atman, but the context might indicate so.

As I rode downtown in the back of a cab, Yoga poses knee pain I looked out the window rather than down at my work, or phone, or computer Yoga poses knee pain . I took the twenty-minute ride as another opportunity to pause between events. Though I arrived a bit late for my next appointment, I was calmer than usual. The rest of my will was to be spent on my new home. When I arrived at the space, still in a state of construction, there were workmen everywhere. This is what a homeowner likes to see on an unannounced visit! I was there for a Vastu consultation with expert Kathleen Cox. My intention was to create a home that would be a source of personal empowerment, as well as a haven from the world a sacred space. Though Vastu comes from Vedic science, which can seem very complex at first, it involves a lot of common sense and is easy to integrate into your life in a way that suits and nourishes your lifestyle.

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