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However, as I have a habit of doing Yoga poses Yoga poses kundalini kino Of course, it feels liberating to realize this but, naturally, you can never Yoga poses kundalini know exactly how you will feel until you find yourself there, alone with just yourself. My wedding date was only weeks away from that glorious but fateful autumn morning in Manhattan.

My entire family was in New York visiting because there were all sorts of festivities planned for the bride. Friends from every life I have lived so far were there to celebrate me and my future life. I had been planning the wedding for nearly nine months, the length of a pregnancy term, and was taking it almost as seriously.

The wedding took on a life of its own, but first had to take a number, just the same, along with the rest of my projects. I had never imagined one specific kind of wedding, but somehow the event was shaping itself into a dream wedding, despite the typical nightmares that were sure to accompany it. As with any wedding, there was so much to do.

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