Yoga poses during labor

But where we were going was pulling us forward. We Yoga poses during labor gravitated upward and sang our progress in Swahili through motivational hymns. We chanted: Temhea na Yoga poses during labor Yesu Amen Haleluya Amen Ukiwa Mlimani- Amen Ukiwa Kazini Temhea ne Yesu Amen Haleluya Amen Walk with me, Jesus On the mountain Everywhere Walk with me, Jesus The eve before we were supposed to reach the peak, one of our friends was taken down the mountain in an emergency evacuation because he was suffering so badly from altitude sickness. Half the camp went with him to set up a safe place for him to re-acclimate, while the rest of us spent a somber evening together worrying about his condition and apprehending our final ascent of the next morning. We woke at 4:30 A.M. I slept terribly, but had dreamt of my father shortly before waking. In the dream, he was in his very sick stage, though still alive.

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