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Nobody seemed to think that the plane was a commercial jet Yoga poses lower back pain , but everyone wondered how, on such a magnificent day, a pilot could not have Yoga poses lower back pain seen where he was headed. Smoke billowed from the windows of the building. We sat stunned as we watched and listened to the panicked reports, mere blocks away from where we were.

My fiance lives only eight short blocks from what would from then on be referred to as Ground Zero, and he was somewhere down in that area when the second plane hit the first tower’s twin. Speculation that this was an act of terrorism escalated by the minute, but still I was not convinced.

The phone rang, and it was my fiance. He was safe in his living room, gazing horrified at what appeared to be bodies falling through the windows of the Towers. We hung up and I left for my next appointment, thinking that whatever the reason behind this was, it would take at least the rest of the day for it to begin to be clarified.

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