Yoga poses named after birds

I am now guilty of having gained enough acknowledgment from the Yoga poses named after birds world, yet still I find myself working for it. This is my thirty-third Yoga poses named after birds year and I am on the cusp of another major transition.

On my birthday this year, I decided that I would dedicate the rest of my thirties, and my life, for that matter, to work on myself. If I practice being now, I will cultivate that much more to my Self and those with whom I come into contact in the future. When I started a regular asana practice, it became abundantly clear that I was only using one tenth of my energy capacity in this world.

By capacity, I am referring to strength, endurance, concentration, flexibility, and breath, not to mention brainpower. Through my practice, I began to utilize far more of myself and came to rely on myself more than on others. For a doer, however, expanding your capacity can be dangerous, too, because it allows the doer to do more, as in my case.

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