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Suddenly, I found myself taking on more and more. Yoga poses neck pain So much so, that even my yoga practice seemed like work and left me feeling drained Yoga poses neck pain . Eventually, all of this productivity proved to be counterproductive. The more energy you cultivate, the more you feel you have to expend. Not true. Most of the energy you cultivate is, in fact, energy you need to sustain yourself. I had been running on depleted energy for so long that I ended up feeling completely out of balance with the new surplus I had attained. I soon learned that energy, like money, is easier to make than to save.

Therefore by vidya (knowledge), by tapas (heat) and by cinta (meditation) Brahman is apprehended.IV.4

In many ways this verse is the usual Upanishad discourse: a range of technologies, either in combination or alone, enable knowledge’ of hidden connections, which means the activation of brahman. The Maitri says here that austerities (tapas) and meditation (cinta) alone do not suffice. The adept who only practises austerities and meditation will not achieve liberation. More is required: to apprehend brahman ‘ also requires an element of knowledge. In this case, however, knowledge’ according to scholars means intellectual insight into Brahmin dogmas and teaching’ – not the mystical releasing kind of brahman knowledge’. So here knowledge’ means the same as we understand it today, it is intellectual cognition. Why this change? Because the Maitri here expresses Buddhist discourse on knowledge’. The surrounding sign system has changed.

Within Buddhism, liberation was often an act of grasping Buddha’s teaching through mindfulness’ or mindful contemplation’. Buddha deliberately argued that austerities and meditation alone – also mentioned above – led the adept nowhere. Buddha’s teaching – his knowledge – was also required. The Maitri includes and expresses this line of thought here.

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