Yoga Poses Not To Do While Menstruating

What are your favorite pieces?

The ‘Lavender Eye Mask’ is one of our hero products and has consistently been a bestseller and award-winner. We receive feedback on a daily basis from customers commending this product for helping them get more quality sleep. For me that is what the brand encapsulates and what I intended when I started out – to give people a little solace and relaxation in an ever busy world, especially with developments in social media and 24/7 working.

I also love our ‘Yoga Rug Mat’, with a non-slip base, it’s filled with soothing lavender that gently releases fragrance as you practise and is topped with cosy fleecing. It’s the perfect tool to help you decompress after a busy day, along with our original first product, the Lavender Eye Pillow.

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And what yoga items do you make?

The Yoga Rug Mat was designed as a luxury item for Nidra and Yin yoga as well as being extra comfort for shavasana , final relaxation and stretching. It is filled with real lavender which emits a gentle aroma as you practise to aid relaxation and when placed on top of your sticky mat it can be used on any surface. The underside is faux leather and the top is a comforting fleece fabric. The Yoga Mat Bag was designed shortly after to accompany the Yoga Rug Mat so it could be carried easily to and from your yoga practice.

The Lavender Eye Pillow is another key product and is ideal for using in the final stages of yoga to silence mind chatter and for ultimate relaxation/ stillness. The organic linseed that it is filled with has a naturally cooling effect and settles on the acupressure points over your eyes promoting clarity and clam. Some customers also wear our massaging slippers for practice or coming from and going to class. With magnets embedded into the insoles, they massage your feet and soothe your whole body.

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