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All of the exercises and visualization in this book will allow Yoga poses partners you to develop a steady band of support to help you balance on the ball. This Yoga poses partners enables you to reach deeper layers of your body with new and interesting moves. You won’t have to do just crunches anymore! The Mind-Body Connection When we exercise regularly, we enjoy the uplifting mental release as well as the physical appearance it provides. When you perform a dance or play a sport or musical instrument, you have to practice with thoughts of how your mind is coordinating with your body to improve each time to win a game, play the right notes, or dance the right choreography. I would like you to approach ball work the same way with focus and j oy! Following this ball workout regularly and with mindful attention to your form will give you the energized, agile, long, and lean body you have been seeking.

Learning how to control your body with your mind enables you to fully benefit from the stability ball workouts. I have personally learned these concepts after physically surviving the school of hard knocks while dancing professionally. If I knew then what I know nowis the mantra I use to inspire others to reach for longevity and reignite their positive self-image.

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