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Using the ball made the work so much easier for me Yoga poses poster to teach as well as for them to learn and really understand the concepts. It takes Yoga poses poster practice, but it’s totally worth it! Working all sides of the trunk restores core balance, allowing all the muscles to gain strength and flexibility. When elasticity is restored, your rib cage works and moves like gills of a fish with every breath. This unlocks your trapped energy, too, and allows you to have more fun. While you’re trying out these new exercises, focus on your abs as a whole series of muscles, rather than as a flat muscle that only runs up and down. This new imaging process will allow you to target the deeper core muscles of your body. Your core muscles wrap around and support your middle trunk, connecting and centering your upper and lower body on all levels and sides. These deep muscles do work in conjunction with the superficial rectus to tone, tighten, and help combat chronic back pain.

An essential fluid was armta, which was the nectar of life leading to immortality. In the fluid discourse signs like bindu and rasa often represented male and female opposites, needing to be brought together. In the energy discourse there were often divine polarities like Siva and Sakti to be brought together.

The application of vigorous efforts – which later on would be called hatha – played a significant role in this context. The hatha signifier seems to have emerged among the Buddhists and Saivists. Recent research indicates namely that the development of some of the hatha-yoga signs also took place in other milieus than Siddhas and Kulas (Birch 2011, Mallinson 2012b). The Buddhists – especially in the Kalacakra-tantra tradition – seemed to be the first to use the notion of hatha as vigorous Tantric techniques supporting their existing practice, according to Birch. The energetic techniques of Tantric origin imported by the Buddhists seemed to pivot around prana and sexual fluids.

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