Mostly the over-60 age group, with the following characteristics:

There is some physical disability impinging on the lifestyle of most people in this group.

Physical exercise tires them and tends to make them feel worse and exhausted.

Their concentration often wanders, as does their attention.

They have difficulty in concentrating at times, and are easily upset by minor things going wrong. There is a tendency to jumpiness and nervousness, and they often feel on edge, irritable, excitable. They may over-indulge in food, drink, tobacco. They experience few sleep problems and have a good tolerance to heat and cold. Usually they feel understretched and often believe they could do better. Symptoms of stress are rare, but when they do develop include palpitation (heart thumping), headaches.

They are reasonably phlegmatic and not easily disturbed by minor upsets but resent Fate’s unkindnesses. They are not unduly nervous, but unsolved problems remain very much in the background of the mind and haunt them. They are generally set in their ways, but feel they could change. A difficulty in getting to sleep is common, and they dislike extremes of weather. They would like to do better and be more successful. They may well have heard about, or worried about, or suffered, a stress illness (e.g. peptic ulcer or hypertension).

An accepting attitude towards disappointments and disability is often evident. They are fairly set in their ways and are not flexible as far as changes in ideas are concerned. This group usually gets to sleep easily but also wakes easily and early. They are often upset by cold weather. Most people in this group feel that they have more or less got where they wanted to. Symptoms of stress are quite common (e.g. frequent palpitation, excessive sweating, breathing difficulties).


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