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If you are 5’5 -6′ tall, Yoga poses quizlet use a 65cm ball, which should measure 25 inches from top to bottom. How to Yoga poses quizlet Inflate Your Ball The quickest and most efficient way to inflate your ball is to take it to the gas station and fill it until it’s tight.

Don’t be afraid of popping the ball, as it can withstand 400 lbs of pressure. The ball may be smaller than you need the first time, but it will stretch over time, so as you use it and it stretches, you can add more air and increase the size based on your needs. Most balls come equipped with a small hand pump and you can also use a bicycle pump.

An important point to remember when storing your ball is that significant changes in temperatures will cause the ball to shrink or pop. So, the best way to store your ball if you’re keeping it inflated is to store it in a climate-controlled space. How will you know when your ball is inflated to the correct size? When sitting on your ball, you should ideally have your knees aligned directly above your second toe and your hip bones in line with your kneecaps.

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