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The first element regulates the yogi’s relation to others. It is called yama – abstinences. It is about moral and prohibitive rules like no violence, no lying, no stealing, no sex, no possessions and no attachments. The second regulation is niyama – observances. This one is about the yogi’s relationship to himself. It is concerned with rules of diet, hygiene, calmn, determination, austerities and studies.

In some respects there is nothing new in the two first limbs or rules. They codify the ancient ascetic discourses from which yoga grew. They also overlap with some central kriya-yoga notions like vairagya (detaching), tapas (heating up), svadhyaya (self-recitation). Further, most of India’s ascetic discourses like Jainism, early Buddhism and ascetic Saivism (Siva worship) would subscribe to those rules ofyama and niyama.

In the first two chapters, we familiarize you with arthritis Yoga poses for rapid weight loss the condition, and then yoga, the best we have found for prevention and relief. Yoga poses for rapid weight loss Next we present a science-oriented chapter on the physiology behind yoga’s efficacy for arthritis. Then, after a short prelude, come the poses. At the end of each chapter we provide a table to aid therapists, healers, and individuals in designing a program for the particular difficulties a given person may present. Although we have successfully treated many patients with yoga alone, we believe it is only with rigorous objective testing that this modality can be proved and improved, and that combining yoga with other means of healing, conventional and not, will stand before the same objective scrutiny. 1 Arthritis What Is Arthritis? Age is not a disease. It is a state to which most of us aspire. But advancing years do not come without a price.

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