Yoga Poses for Relaxation: Spine Lengthening Pose

Spine Lengthening Pose

Backbend • 5 to 10 minutes


Bolster (or 2 rolled blankets or a large pillow)

Blanket roll


  • If you are pregnant, substitute Pregnant Goddess Poseor Supported Heart Pose with Legs Over a Bolster.


  • Gently decompresses your spine.
  • Supports and maintains your spine in normal, healthy extension.
  • Gently stretches your chest and shoulders.
  • Reverses the effects of long periods spent sitting and slouching.
  • Invites your breath to deepen.
  • Encourages feelings of spaciousness and receptivity.


  1. . From a sitting position, draw your knees over the bolster and position

the end of the blanket roll at the base of your spine.

  1. . Use your arms for support and lie back so the blanket roll runs along

the length of your spine and supports your head.

  1. . Release your arms alongside you with your palms facing up and relax.
  2. . Remain in Spine Lengthening Pose for 5 to 10 minutes. To exit, draw

your knees in toward your chest, roll to one side, and press yourself up to a sitting position.


A common error is to sit on the blanket roll before lying down and miss out on the spinal massage in this pose. Make sure your hips are between the bolster and blanket roll before you lie down to create length.

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