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Stretch from the ball of your feet through your arches to Yoga poses relaxation relay a lifted feeling up through the back of your thighs. Lift up with your butt Yoga poses relaxation muscles. Your neck should be long with your shoulder blades sliding gently toward your spine to control your arm placement and provide shoulder stability.

This position is the toughest to feelso try and relax and think about the placement of your body. Over-Tucked Prone Position In an over-tucked position your back will be rounded and your neck will feel strained. Your thighs jam into the ball and when you try to move onto your toes with bent knees your body tends to tuck more.

In all the starting positions, this one in particular, you need to remember the most important point is to stretch the front of your body to target those weak, over-stretched back extensor muscles. Keep thinking of your belly button actively up and in to create space between your rib cage and pelvis, encouraging your back muscles to engage, while your hip flexors relax in the front body.

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