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It makes your chest round too much and your head jut Yoga poses restorative forward. You’ll need to concentrate on bringing your tailbone back and bending your knees at the Yoga poses restorative hip to elongate your hamstrings. Think of creating space in your trunk by lifting your rib cage upward, stretching your abs and back instead of crunching in the middle. Adjust your skull backwards by pulling the rounded area in the back of your skull straight back. Be careful not to confuse this action with lifting your chin up or squashing the front of your neck down. This may require a bit of practice. Make your neck long by lifting through the back of your head. Over-Arched Lumbar Spine The tendency is to tilt your pelvis forward and bring your body with it, so that you’re almost leaning forward from the hips.

The Siddhas adapted and assembled a very vivid and detailed map of the subtle body. From the head there was for instance seen to be an on-going dripping of nectar or semen into the stomach, where it would be consumed by fire. The result was disease, old age and death as the vital energies were slowly depleted. This new conceptual map could of course be intellectually interesting. But this was not what was driving them – especially not the alchemist inspired Siddhas. They came up with new techniques, which gave the subject an explosive interest.

The subtle body techniques

In the scriptures, according to White (1996), we witness over a period of 200 years – the period from 1100-1300 AD where Turkic Muslims raided and settled in Northern India and the incumbent elites fled to rural areas – a revolutionary breakthrough of specific subtle body techniques, designed to manipulate the subtle body thereby delivering immortality’ and perfection’ – siddhi – as it was called.

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