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Each rep should stretch your muscles further. Repeat 6 times Yoga poses sanskrit . Make sure you’re actively lifting your abs as if you’re stretching the skin of your abs Yoga poses sanskrit up. Try not to move from the shoulders. Instead, move with your chest and back muscles for stability and strength. 4 Upper Body Stretch BENEFITS: Opens the shoulder and neck joints. Sit on the ball with your arms out straight from your shoulders. Inhale as you open your chest and slide your shoulder blades in towards your spine as you stretch your arms out.

Pulse your arms back 2 times. Exhale, round your back, and pulse 2 times inward, scooping up your abs to open your shoulder blades. Your pelvis stays neutral. Repeat 6 times. Feel your rib cage lift off your pelvis in back instead of dropping. 5 Single Sliding Arm Side Stretch BENEFITS: Lengthens your side muscles and opens your ribs. Sit on the ball and extend your left, arm up straight, palm facing in. Your right arm is down against the ball, palm facing in with a straight elbow.

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