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Do 5 times. 9 BEGINNER Standing Lateral Side Bend BENEFITS Yoga poses sequence : Stretches the entire side body while strengthening your front torso and back muscles. Stand with Yoga poses sequence your legs just past hip-distance apart, feet slightly turned out, knees slightly bent. Hold the ball in your hands; keep your shoulders down and relaxed. Lift the ball overhead with straight arms and bend to one side. Return to center, repeat on other side. Do 2 times on each side. Engaging the proper core muscles prior to bending will give you a tiny waist.

From a sociological point of view, the kula hero represents the emergence of a new variety of the holy man. He does not legitimise his power with elite gnosis about the One or through super-human ascetic efforts. He is a man of the clan who through his ritual mastership can master demons and goddesses. He does not aim for liberation or salvation but for immortality and magic powers.

White concludes from these early rural and low caste Tantrics – represented by the Kulas that the sexual ritual core was about bringing together male and female polarised god-energies or life-forces represented by human fluids. Both divine energies’ and fluids’ of the Kulas should become key signs to hatha-yoga. Let us have a look at some of the background of the Kulas, who are central to the genealogy of the hatha-yoga discourse.

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